Do you want to stream future sermons onto your TV?

Because of this virus we are living in some crazy times. To help out we are publishing a guide for one way you could watch the pastors sermons at home.

This is by no means an endorsement of particular brands or devices. We are just offering one way of doing this.

First you need a television that accepts HDMI. If you have a flat screen TV less than ten years old then it probably has this already.

Secondly you need high speed internet with a WiFi modem in your home. Lastly you need a Google Chromecast or other streaming device. It doesn’t have to be a Chromecast but this is probably the easiest. You can find one at Walmart or on their website HERE if you want it delivered.

There should be instructions on setting up the device but if you need a helpful video here you go…

Once you’ve hooked it up to your TV and got it working you have to load the sermon on your phone as if you were going to watch it. A button like the image below should be visible in the upper right hand corner….

Click on that and then choose the option to cast it to whatever you named your TV as.

After that the service should play nicely on your TV.

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