Good Shepherd Preschool Programs


Our program is designed to provide spiritual, physical, academic, cognitive, and social experiences at the developmental level of the child.


In all of our classes here at Good Shepherd Lutheran Preschool, our faith in God is taught in an informal manner, we pray together before our meals and snacks, have weekly Chapel with our Pastor, read Bible stories and participate in Bible based activities, crafts and songs. During Chapel, held Wednesday mornings at 10:30 a.m. our Pastor delivers a children’s sermon, guides us in prayer, and teaches us new Bible Worship songs. This training is directed toward the development of a Christian character and quality of life to aid the growth of the total person as a child of God.  Teachers model God’s love and guidance in all areas.


Our school provides opportunities indoor and outdoor for physical (motor) development. In the classroom, our students use fine motor skill activities such as beading, coloring, painting, stacking and many other age-appropriate activities. Outside we offer areas to run, jump, climb, ride bikes, and throw balls and other gross motor activities. Children have the opportunity to participate in music and movement, P.E. and organized games designed to get their whole bodies moving.


Academics and Cognitive skills are taught at an age-appropriate level in all programs. Teachers provide our students with open ended activities to promote critical thinking. Circle time, desk work and centers help prepare your child for Kindergarten. We provide activities and worksheets to challenge each child at their own unique academic ability. Our program allows time for children to be children and play as well as making sure they are “Kindergarten ready”.


Socialization is a major part of our preschool where children develop language skills, share, take turns, problem solve, work in teams, and communicate. We are a high-quality center that provides a safe, nurturing environment where children learn to make friends and interact with loving teachers who help our student’s master skills.