Good Shepherd Preschool Curriculum


In all of our classes here at Good Shepherd Preschool, our faith in God is taught in an informal manner using daily Bible topics at Worship time and weekly Chapel time. Our Pastor joins us weekly for Chapel where he prays with the children, shares a children’s sermon and sings Worship songs. Prayer is said before meals and snacks. No attempt will be made to convert any child to Lutheranism but they will be introduced to the word of God directed toward the development of a Christian character.


Our program is designed to provide spiritual, physical, cognitive and social experiences at the developmental level of the preschool child. Children learn the most valuable tools through play such as: socialization, problem solving, gross and fine motor skills, self-expression, memory skills, language skills, creativity, independence and self-esteem. Play is the center of a child’s ability to learn.


We offer programs for infants (6 weeks-18 months), toddlers (18 months-30 months), young preschoolers, (2-3 years old) and pre-Kindergarten (4-5 years old). Each classroom implements developmentally appropriate practices with their students. Our skilled teachers each develop their own unique curriculum that is exciting, yet challenging, and is supportive of each child’s individual learning style. We believe at Good Shepherd Preschool, that play is learning and daily time is given for indoor and outdoor play, as well as Worship time, music and movement, science, language arts and circle time, where shapes, colors, numbers, letters, and other lessons appropriate to the preschooler’s world are introduced. Our center facilitates child-centered constructivism by giving children the opportunity of being active learners in their own development. Teachers help guide children to discover their interest and ask open-ended questions to help encourage critical thinking.

Every child deserves a developmentally appropriate education in a loving and nurturing environment. At Good Shepherd Preschool we promise to provide this every day for every student